March 10, 2008

Energy - SunEdison


SunEdison in the largest solar energy provider in North America, helping commercial, governmental organizations and utility providers establish and maintain a solar unit. Holding long-term relationships with trusted suppliers and manufacturers, SunEdison is reliable. Due to the complex financing elements needed to make it solar energy a viable solution, SunEdison is also a service agent, helping customers manage and install solar units’ specific to their needs and location. In each case SunEdison will analyze, design, manage materials, construct, certify, activate, monitor and maintain a unit. With customers such as Whole Foods and Staples, SunEdison is showing that solar power is as much of a positive environmental move and an economic investment.

Commercial and Government

Setting up and maintaining a solar unite is simplified for the customer for Sun Edison will do the work and only ask the company to pay for the solar energy produced; no upfront capital is required. It makes it an easy choice for it is predictable and straightforward. While the unite is in use, SunEdison will continue with monitoring and service where a customer login page is created for the company to see detailed information on their personal energy system and production.

Commercial/Kohls: Leading by Example

Kohls is serving a leader in using solar power as a long term solution. In September, the first of 63 roof top electrical systems was activated at the Laguna Niguel location in California. The company is conscious of government goals, where the 25 MW that will be produced by the total of this endeavor will be a large step toward the California Solar Initiative’s goal of 3,000 MW by 2017. Kohl’s has been recognized with their high rankings on both the EPA’s Top 10 Retain List and Fortune 500 Green Power Challenge.

Government/Department of Energy: Recognizing the Potential

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has called upon SunEdison to develop a solar energy unit at the DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado. Expected to be completed by May 2008, the project is a large venture, however toped with great benefits. The project is one of the two largest projects at the NREL; five-acres of solar panels will be used to generate 750kW of clean power, which is expected to power seven percent of the facilities needs.

“We commend NREL for its progress in providing clean, renewable energy”

-Thomas Rainwater, CEO of SunEdison


Energy utility providers are feeling pressure from customers and the Renewable Portfolio Standards to provide a certain amount of solar energy. From building to maintaining, SunEdison makes it simple. Furthermore, SunEdison will also help the utility providers with delivering solar energy to utility’s customers as well as create a system to develop Solar Tariffs.

Xcel Energy: Throwing the Big Switch

SunEdison made it easy. So easy that this solar plant, the largest of its kind, was activated in December of 2007 before its completion date. SunEdison made this possible by financing and building the plant in addition to guaranteeing maintenance. As a significant power provider in Colorado, this project highlights the state’s renewable energy commitment. However, this venture is not only a benefit to the environment, but the community as well, where it is expected to create new jobs and create energy independence/ Colorado Governer Bill Ritter calls it a “win-win for everyone.”

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