March 9, 2008

Transportation - Commuter Micro-car

Danny Kim

-TRAFFIC congestion causes Americans to lose 38 hours per year, wasting. 2.9 billion gallons of gas per year equaling 8.9 million dollars a year.

-In L.A. 72 hours per year are spent as a result of congestion.

-65.84% of commuters drive alone.

-Cars in cities to become more efficient by becoming lighter, better aero-dynamics, more efficient engines, alternative fuel sources.

How Does it Work?
Cars that are 42" wide (half a lane), fully enclosed, and self balancing can allow for efficient parking. This size can allow two or three cars to park in one regular car parking spot.

This type of car permits no physical infrastructure changes except re-painting parking lines.
Its small size could decrease bottleneck congestion and its efficiency could yield a lower carbon footprint.


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