March 10, 2008

Energy- Solar Edison



Solar Edison is about practical, economic, and sustainable energy. The company creates renewable energy systems for residential and commercial use in New England, which can be configured either on or off the grid. Representing solar panel and PV component manufactures, Solar Edison is able to resourcefully supply the customer with a system that will eliminate an electric bill and carbon emissions.

The Solar Power System by Solar Edison is an affordable solution for the supply of electricity. Due to its novelty, the company is committed to helping design as well as installs the system. Furthermore, there are a number of benefits for using solar electricity, where Solar Edison is committed to helping the customer by assisting them to obtain rebates and tax incentives.

They are also dealers of a number of products including ZAP! Electric Cars, Trucks, and ATVs, as well as renewable energy products.

Commercial Use

A grid tied system is used, which is economical because it reduced energy bills, earns utility rebates of up to $2.50 per installed watt, qualifies for tax credit, and is exempt from state sales tax. In the first year, approximately 75% of the capital cost is earned back in the first year and the remaining in following four years.

Residential Use

This system is beneficial for residential use for it is economic, environmentally conscious, and recognized as a means to earn state and federal rebate as well as tax incentives. Through using this system, a customer’s energy bill is reduced or eliminated; it is also sustained for it fixes the cost of electricity over 20 years and avoids increases in utility rates. The customer can also sleep at night for the energy source is pollution free, reducing the world’s CO2 emissions. The three most common solar systems for residents are a Grid-Tie PV System, Off-Grid/Stand Alone System, or Grid-Tie/Battery Back Up.


Solar Edison sells a range of products for renewable energy including Photovoltaic Solar Panels, Fronius Inverters, Crown Deep Cycle Batteries, and ZAP! Electric Cars, which are electric or solar-electric hybrids.

My Analyses

When reading about Solar Edison, it seems so logical and I wonder why more people are not adapting this system. I am impressed by the company’s initiative concerning renewable energy and their emphasis on its economic benefits.

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