March 9, 2008

Transportation - UPS: Package Flow Technology

Why- United Parcels Service has turned more efficient. With new software UPS is able plan out their every move and pinpoint where their system is costing them. With 92,000 vehicles on the road every move counts; besides money and time saved it has made for a much safer work day. This technology has led to the demise of left had turns across traffic. Without waiting and making the right hand turn it crates an efficient route for the driver and the company.

How it works- Package flow technology is able to plan the driver’s route with the least amount of left hand turns.

The same technology tells the driver what order the truck should be loaded to make for easy and speedy delivery.

UPS drivers are trained to always turn off their package cars when they stop for a delivery, never idling at the curb or in a driveway. Even if the driver is out of the truck for a few seconds, the vehicle is always turned off.

Facts- The amount of time waiting for the left turn x The price of gasoline x 92,000 cars and trucks = a whole lot of money saved.

UPS package-flow technology and right-turn routes last year trimmed 28.5 million miles off delivery routes and saved 3 million gallons of fuel.

Benefits- “The time savings and cuts in fuel consumption and pollution emissions are welcome
by products of a system that was originally designed just to improve safety.”

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