May 1, 2008

Transportation - Suggestions

Have we missed an idea, proposal, policy or project that pertains to transportation that can be realized in the short term and yields environmental benefits? Make a recommendation, include a summary and link to an image as a comment under this post. Refer to posts dated between 3/3 to 3/9.

Please note, all comments are moderated so if we think its interesting it will be posted here only after its approved.


jessica said...

Biodiesel???? Maybe I missed it or there is a reason you missed it. Actual re-use of existing organic wastes has much more carbon reduction capacity than growing mono-cultures of GMO corn on former rain forest land.

charlie cannon said...

from john thackara's doors of perception email list.

There are two ways to reduce transportation emissions: reduce emission
rates per vehicle-kilometer, or reduce total vehicle-travel. The vast
majority of policy and design innovation focuses on the first - thereby
guaranteeing perpetually rising transport intensity and perpetually
postponed sustainability. This excellent paper by Todd Alexander Litman,
at the Victoria Transport Policy Institute in Australia, explains in
policy terms how to reduce system-wide transport intensity within a
viable economy.