March 8, 2008

Transportation- High Speed Rail

High Speed TGV

Eleonore de Lusignan

Why the TGV?

-High speed rail has been a really successful form of transportation, progressively
uniting many European metropolitan conglomerates.

- At speeds above 200 mph it is significantly more efficient then commuting or traveling by car.

- Considerable time savings are obtained by using the TGV compared to air travel in that it connects between city center to city center.

How it works?

The TGV is a fully electric operational train that has been perfected over 25 years. The components that make the TGV trainset possible are its specially designed high-speed lines with not sharp curves, high powered electric motors, and a low axle weight. TGV trainsets travel at up to 200 mph in commercial use. Recently, the SNCF came out with the fastest high speed rail, TGV-Est in July 2007. Now Paris is only 2h20min away from Strasbourg (4hrs previously), and less then 4hours away from Francfort (previously 6h15min.) The SNCF is leading the way to connect all of Europe together by 2020.


Here are a few comparisons:

Speed: --------------RECORD---------- AVERAGE

TGV (FR) ------------357 mph----------- 200 mph

EUROSTAR (UK) ------------------------186 mph

SHINKANSEN (JP)-- 277mph -----------164 mph

ICE (GER) -----------255 mph---------- 125 mph

AMTRAK (USA)---- 150 mph------------ 75 mph

Similar Implementations:

Shinkansen High Speed “Bullet Train”

Speed Record 443 km/h or 277mph
Best average speed 262km/h or 164mph

Between Hiroshima and Kokura the bullet train covers the 192km or 120mile distance in only 44 minutes. It averages a speed of 262km/h or 164mph which is the fastest scheduled train service in the world.

The Eurostar high speed train’s primary purpose is to connect London and Kent in Great Britain with Paris and Lille in France, and Brussels in Belgium. It is a sub company to the SNCF TGV, with a design more geared to the cross-chanel link. Its normal operating speed is at 186 mph, however when during the Chanel Tunnel it runs at 100mph. At 18 carriages it can hold 750 passengers

Nothing as exemplementary has been established in the United States how ever several Proposals have been in development for California, the North- East, and Midwest regions

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